** All models created to be ages 18 and up **


In reference to 28 CFR 75.2 Maintenance of Records, relating to sexually explicit performances and imagery, be it known that this site is exempt from record keeping requirements as covered under subsection [A] of 28 CFR 75.2, as it contains no images of actual persons, either living or dead. All imagery is computer generated and is considered to be of a "cartoon" format.
      All violence presented is for the plot and dramatic effect and is necessary to the development of the stories and is in no way intended to glamorize or advocate humiliation, degradation, injury or death to any real world, actual person. All content is presented for entertainment purposes only. Persons wishing to review the legal interpretations of these laws and court rulings should consult the Federal Register Volume 70, Number 99, page 29607, which presents the US Attorney General’s Office commentary on the laws and their cartoon exemptions.
      All persons involved in the creation, maintenance, and operations of this website, to include creation of it’s content, are above the age of 18 years. Any questions concerning content should be directed to the Support Team.

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